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Soybean Aphid

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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Moderate soybean aphid risks remain in the forecast this week across the eastern Dakotas, Minnesota, far northern Iowa, and into Wisconsin. Soybean aphid populations, in general, continue to increase across the upper Midwest with economic thresholds now being reached or even exceeded at some fields especially to the west of of the Mississippi River. As we progress through this week, continued soybean aphid population will be possible especially in the Moderate risk area as the weather pattern should remain largely favorable for either stable or growing populations so it is encouraged to continue to aggressively scout fields until after the R5 stage of growth. Some heat mid-week along with the potential for some heavy, beating rains may briefly keep populations in check but the duration of either event does not look long enough to inhibit population growth. Low risks extend as far south as northeast Nebraska and northern Iowa and also into northern Illinois, with additional isolated risks found across lower Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada as well.