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Soybean Aphid

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High Risk
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Soybean aphid egg hatch is predicted to continue across portions of northeast Nebraska, southeast South Dakota, western, central, and eastern Iowa, northern Illinois, northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, southern Michigan, and far southern Wisconsin for the next few days. Additional egg hatches will be possible this weekend and into early next week especially in portions of northern Iowa, far southern Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, southern Michigan, and far southwestern Ontario, Canada. Slightly warmer temperatures at some locations in the upper Midwest and into the Great Lakes region in addition to increasingly stronger solar energy last weekend may allow some eggs to hatch further north into portions of these regions in the next week. Growers should keep in mind that hardly any planting has occurred so any soybean aphids that have hatched are having a difficult time surviving due to a lack of widespread, favorable hosts in addition to hard, killing freezes immediately after hatch occurred. Initial soybean aphid populations thus far this spring, as as result, are predicted to be pretty low.