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Soybean Aphid

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High Risk
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High soybean aphid risks continue this week especially across far eastern North Dakota, northeast South Dakota, and northwest Minnesota. Moderate risks are found from central North Dakota into eastern South Dakota, across much of Minnesota, extreme northern Iowa, and also far western Wisconsin. As soybeans continue to advance in growth stages, growers located in the High and Moderate risk areas should continue to scout fields up until the R5.5-R6 growth stage or when the soybean plant begins to lose its green color. Greatest pressure appears to be focused across the High risk area as fields in southwest and south central Minnesota have recently seen excessive rainfall and aphid pressure has lessened somewhat in that area in the last week. It is advised to scout your own fields and not rely on what your neighbors are doing as soybean aphid pressure can be very sporadic even between adjacent fields. Low risks for much more isolated problems are found from Wisconsin east into central and eastern lower Michigan as well as into southern Ontario, Canada.