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Soybean Aphid

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High Risk
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Soybean aphid egg hatch is likely to continue especially along and north of I-90 but is also possible further south primarily between I-80 and I-90 in the next week. Soybean aphids may be hatching in portions of north central and northeast Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, southeast North Dakota, central, northwest, and southern Minnesota, northern half of Iowa, northern Illinois, much of Wisconsin, much of lower Michigan, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, southern Ontario, Canada, and northwest New York state. New egg hatches are expected to primarily focus in southern Ontario, Canada on the north side of Lake Ontario and near Georgian Bay this week as well as additional areas of eastern North Dakota. Growers are advised that soybean aphid egg hatch risks are being issued to provide an awareness that soybean aphids are beginning to make their appearance this growing season but do not necessarily pose a risk to crops as very few soybean acres have emerged across the highest risk region. Many newly hatched soybean aphids have likely had a very difficult time this spring as well so populations may be more limited at this time.