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Soybean Aphid

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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Moderate soybean aphid risks continue especially across the eastern Dakotas into Minnesota for the next week, with the risk also extending a little further south and east into far northeast Iowa by late week into next weekend. Favorable weather conditions are expected for rapid soybean aphid population increases on a scattered basis within and near the Moderate risk area, with more isolated problems expected from the central Dakotas into northeast Nebraska, northern Iowa, Wisconsin, far northern Illinois, and east into lower Michigan as well as into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers with soybeans in the reproductive growth stages should be regularly scouting their fields and noting not only current populations but also how the population is changing in each field between scouting efforts. Decisions to treat should be made based on what is occurring at the field level and not necessarily what the local field talk may be as populations will vary even between adjacent fields.