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Soybean Aphid

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Low Risk
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Moderate soybean aphid risks continue in the forecast through mid-week this week, but then are reduced to only Low risks as a combination of an advanced crop and also declining aphid pressure in some areas should limit the overall threat to crops as we head into September. Growers with fields still prior to R6 growth stage, however, should continue to actively scout especially in the eastern Dakotas and portions of Minnesota where the Moderate risk remains for the next few days. Low risks for more isolated potential problems extends from the central Dakotas into northeast Nebraska, far northern Iowa (especially in late or re-planted fields), Wisconsin, lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers should base any treatment decisions on specific fields and not necessarily what neighbors are finding as populations can and do vary greatly even across adjacent fields. Once soybean fields reach R6 and beyond in growth, treatment is no longer necessary and scouting efforts can be discontinued.