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Soybean Aphid

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Low Risk
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Low soybean aphid risks are in the forecast for the next few days and into the holiday weekend from the central Dakotas into Minnesota, far northern Iowa, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada. With more and more soybean fields now past the critical growth stage where soybean aphids cause a yield loss, plus with recent cool temperatures infiltrating into the northern soybean growing area in the last few days following a strong cold front, this may be an overwintering signal to some soybean aphids to return to buckthorn. While late and re-plant fields as well as others that are not at the R5.5 or R6 growth stage may still be at risk, the threat has become more isolated and thus the removal of the Moderate risk from the forecast for this growing season. Any remaining decisions to treat fields should be based on the specific field and what soybean aphid populations are doing at the present time, as well as growth stage.