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Soybean Aphid

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Moderate Risk
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Moderate soybean aphid development risks continue in the forecast as temperatures are expected to remain at levels favorable for soybean aphid populations to grow and also precipitation chances/amounts do not look detrimental to soybean aphid populations. Fields at greatest risk will be from the eastern Dakotas southeast through Minnesota and eastward into Wisconsin as well as far northern Iowa. While field populations remain somewhat low in many areas, there have been some reports of some treatments being required here and there especially in the last week or so, so populations are growing in some areas. Low risks for the potential of more isolated problems extends from the central Dakotas and northeast Nebraska east as far as Lake Michigan and eventually stretches into lower Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada as well. Growers located in or near the risk area should scout fields regularly, especially those in the early reproductive stages of growth (R5 or earlier), as this is the stage where yield loss can be most likely attributed to soybean aphids if present.