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Soybean Aphid

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Moderate Risk Level
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Soybean aphid risks remain in the Moderate category across the northern soybean-growing region from eastern South Dakota into central and southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, and mainly western and portions of central Wisconsin where soybean aphids are most active and present. Low risks extend from the central and eastern Dakotas into northeast Nebraska, the remainder of Minnesota, central Iowa, far northwest Illinois, and remaining sections of eastern and southern Wisconsin not included in the Moderate risk. Soybean aphid populations are present in some areas but not everywhere, thus the Moderate (scattered) risk. Growers are encouraged to scout fields regularly, especially where populations are present, as some population increases were already being noted in some fields late last week. Fields most vulnerable to soybean aphid damage and potential yield loss are those in the R1-R5.5 growth stages which captures many fields in the risk area in the next week.