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Soybean Aphid

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Moderate Risk
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Soybean aphid risks remain in the Moderate category for the next week as there is still a good percentage of crops that are at risk of seeing some population increases in the next week or so, especially with cooler weather moving in for the next week. Moderate risks remain in southeast North Dakota, eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, extreme northern Iowa, and into western/central Wisconsin with Low risks from the central Dakotas and extreme northeast Nebraska into northern Iowa and the remainder of Wisconsin not included in the Moderate risk. The greatest concern is shifting to late-planted or slower to mature fields that are still in the R4-R6 growth stages as some fields are now past critical stages where yield loss from high soybean aphid populations is likely to be minimal. Growers with fields at or prior to R6 growth stage should continue monitoring aphid populations until the threat has passed and the field has reached beyond R6.