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Soybean Aphid

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Moderate Risk
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Soybean aphid population risks have been increased into the Moderate category for the next week as a larger percentage of soybean plants will be moving into critical reproductive stages of growth in areas where soybean aphids are, at least, present on a scattered basis. Moderate risks extend from eastern North Dakota and South Dakota into much of the soybean-growing area of Minnesota, and across far northern Iowa. Growers in these areas that have soybean fields in the reproductive stages of growth are encouraged to regularly scout their fields and check not only for detectable soybean aphid populations but determine if those populations are near or over threshold and if they are locally growing in numbers. Treatment decisions should be based on the field level and not necessarily what local or regional chatter is saying as soybean aphid populations will vary considerably even from field to field. More isolated risks are expected surrounding the Moderate risk area in the same states but also further east into Wisconsin, lower Michigan, and southern Ontario, Canada, as a greater percentage of fields enter into critical growth stages in those areas, as well, and where weather conditions may favor population growth in the coming week.