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Soybean Aphid

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Low Risk
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Soybeans are beginning to bloom especially between I-80 and I-90 from Nebraska east into Indiana and Ohio. At the present time, soybean aphid populations (where present at all) are very low to low across this region. Given crop stage, a Low soybean aphid risk is now in place from northeast Nebraska and far southeast South Dakota east into southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, northern Illinois, far southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, and far southern Michigan to raise an awareness to growers that soybeans are now entering their critical growth stages where soybean aphids can begin to cause damage if numbers increase to near or above economic threshold. Such populations have not been seen in the Midwest as of yet, so this risk is to simply alert growers that soybeans are beginning to enter their treatment window especially south of I-90 and where fields are further along in their blooming stage, regular scouting should begin now if not already. We may see a period of favorable weather for regeneration in the next week as well with moderate temperatures and most beating rains further south so populations may increase where they are present.