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Soybean Aphid

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Low Risk
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Soybean aphid populations continue to remain largely low or non-existent across much of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. With recent cool and drier weather, which is favorable for regeneration of soybean aphid, some populations have increased especially in Wisconsin but also likely in surrounding states as well. These increases, however, have largely been isolated and not widespread, but it does show the need for growers to scout their soybean fields on a regular basis, especially with many fields either in bloom or beginning to enter the blooming growth stage. Weather conditions are predicted to change in the next week, and the upper Midwest could see slightly warmer and wetter weather along with at least one cold frontal passage. Depending on how hard and much it rains, soybean aphid populations could continue to increase in certain hot-spots in the next week. For now, Low risks are in place from Nebraska and South Dakota eastward into Minnesota, northern Iowa, northern Illinois, much of Wisconsin, lower Michigan, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, and southern Ontario, Canada.