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Western Bean Cutworm

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Moderate Risk Level
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Western bean cutworm moth flights and egg laying is likely to continue this week, with a further northward push of the peak flight as heat units continue to accumulate. The flight is already subsiding in Kansas and far southern Nebraska as well as in central Indiana, but even in these areas, growers are encouraged to continue scouting as egg laying may still be ongoing. Moderate risks continue this week across a good portion of Nebraska into northeast Colorado, northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, southern lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada. By late week, Moderate risks are also found across the central sands region and points south to near Madison in Wisconsin and also further east into Ontario, Canada and into central lower Michigan. Growers are advised to regularly scout fields, paying careful attention to all portions of the corn leaf as western bean cutworm moths can lay eggs in well-secluded areas of the leaf and may not be immediately visible.