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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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Western bean cutworm risks remain in the Moderate category especially across Nebraska, far northeast Colorado, central Wisconsin, and into northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, lower Michigan, and east into southern Ontario, Canada. Low risks extend as far north as extreme southern South Dakota, east into far western Iowa and northwest Missouri, south into far northern Kansas, and then in adjacent areas to the Moderate risk surrounding the Great Lakes region for likely more isolated versus scattered problems with this particular insect. The annual flight continues but is beginning to subside along the southern edges of the risk as heat unit accumulations push emergence/development further along for this insect this growing season. Growers located in/near the Moderate risk area should be especially vigilant in scouting fields that are at susceptible stages to damage, and also note that western bean cutworm egg masses may be in well-protected areas so a quick scouting job may not be adequate enough as the moths can be quite crafty in hiding their eggs. The treatment window is critical with this pest, so regular scouting in vulnerable fields is strongly recommended until the flight subsides and the crop grows past critical stages.