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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
Affected Area:
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Western bean cutworm moth populations continue to increase across the usual “hot spot” areas for this insect as the annual flight progresses this growing season. High risks continue across central/southern Nebraska where pressure and trap captures are the highest and most widespread, but Moderate risks are also found surrounding this High risk area further north/west/east into Nebraska but also slightly further south into extreme northern Kansas and northeast Colorado. Moderate risks for additional areas of pressure, albeit more scattered, is found across much of central and northern Indiana, far northwest Ohio, and north into southern lower Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada. Southern and central Wisconsin fields, especially those in more sandy areas, have also been upgraded to the Moderate risk level as the flight continues to increase in that state, as well. Growers located in or near the risk areas should be monitoring upper leaves of corn and look for signs of egg laying and/or potential hatched larvae in addition to monitoring traps and crop stage as any treatment decisions must be made at a specific time frame based on crop growth in order to be most effective.