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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
Affected Area:
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High western bean cutworm risks remain across central Nebraska for the next week with Moderate risks surrounding the High risk area across much of the remainder of Nebraska as well as into far northeast Colorado. The annual flight continues in this area, but is beginning to wane especially in southwest/southern Nebraska. Moderate risks remain in the forecast across a large portion of the Great Lakes region and into Canada as the flight continues and intensifies in this region, as well. Wisconsin as well as much of lower Michigan, far northern Indiana, extreme northwest Ohio, and then further east into southern Ontario and southwest Quebec, Canada as well as into New York state are all included in the Moderate risk. The flight appears to be subsiding south of the Great Lakes proper with more focus now in Michigan and further east/northeast into Canada. Growers located in or near the risk areas are encouraged to continue to monitor traps and scout fields, looking for signs of western bean cutworm egg masses as well as larvae. Treatment applications, if needed, are extremely time-sensitive so regular scouting is recommended until the flight subsides over the next several weeks and until the crop moves past critical growth stages.