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Western Bean Cutworm

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High Risk
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Western bean cutworm flights are expected to continue in the usual “hot spots” for this particular insect in the next week. Flight dynamics have changed a little bit in the past week especially in the Plains states as the flight has begun to subside across north central Kansas into southern Nebraska, but high captures will still remain possible in northwest Kansas, northeast Colorado, and into western Nebraska where heat units and planting progress lagged a little bit earlier this spring, making more of the crop susceptible to potential issues based on growth stage. Moderate risks for more scattered issues surround the High risk area in these same states. Additional Moderate risks are found across sandier areas of central Wisconsin and also further east into the southern Great Lakes region from northern Indiana and northwest Ohio into lower Michigan and on east into southern Ontario, Canada where the flight continues to increase in some areas on a scattered basis. Growers located in or near any risk area are encouraged to continue to monitor traps but more importantly scout fields closely as trap counts are not always indicative of the level of potential threat or damage in these regions – a high moth capture does not necessarily mean high pressure, or vice versa.