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Western Bean Cutworm

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The annual western bean cutworm moth flight is expected to intensify over the next week in and near the usual “hot spot” areas for this particular insect. Moderate western bean cutworm risks are now in place from this weekend into next week across northern Kansas and southern Nebraska where moth emergence has begun and where moth populations are expected to increase rapidly heading into next week. Additional Moderate risks are found in the southern Great Lakes region across far northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, and into southern lower Michigan where another pocket of increasing moth counts across a more widespread area is expected to occur. Low risks surround the Moderate risks across Kansas and Nebraska as well as further south into Indiana and Ohio, and also further north into central lower Michigan and eventually east into southern Ontario, Canada and Wisconsin, as well. Growers should monitor traps closely and prepare for possible treatments in those areas that warrant it based on eventual egg laying and crop stage.