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Western Bean Cutworm

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Moderate Risk Level
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Western bean cutworms may continue to pose a threat to crops especially in western and northern Nebraska as well as in far northeastern Colorado where moth flights are still ongoing and also where crops may be a little less developed. Moderate risks are in place in this area for the next week. Additional Moderate risks are found in northern Wisconsin and further east into lower Michigan and southern Ontario/southwestern Quebec, Canada where moth flights are also ongoing and where egg laying in crops at suitable host stages (corn and dry beans) may still be ongoing. Growers in these areas are encouraged to continue to monitor traps but also scout fields regularly as treatment timing is critical to be effective with this particular insect. More isolated or waning issues are found in northern Kansas into southern Nebraska, southern Wisconsin, and also into Indiana and Ohio where some later planted or maturing fields may still be a threat to late appearing western bean cutworms.