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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
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Western bean cutworms are predicted to continue their emergence and annual flight across a large portion of the corn-growing region in the next few weeks. Peak flight continues across portions of northern Kansas and Nebraska and may also be extending east into Iowa and northwest Missouri. High risks continue for fields in these states. Additional High risk regions are found in central Michigan where high trap counts and egg layings have been observed, and this risk extends east into eastern Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada by late week into next weekend. Some traps in far southern Ontario are showing higher numbers especially where sandier soils are more prevalent. Moderate risks surround the High risk areas from northern Kansas into Nebraska, southeast South Dakota, southern Minnesota, Iowa, northern Missouri, far northwest Illinois, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, northern Indiana, northern Ohio, far northwest Pennsylvania, western New York, and southwest Ontario, Canada. Like many other insects this growing season, problems are sporadic so growers need to check their own fields for any potential problems and take appropriate action based on what is seen in those specific fields.