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Western Bean Cutworm

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Moderate Risk
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Western bean cutworm moth counts are starting to increase across portions of the corn-growing region as the annual moth flight commences in some regions. With crops beginning to enter into critical growth stages, heightened risk levels are now in place across portions of Indiana where moth counts are increasing at the fastest rate and also where they are presently the highest. Low risks continue across Kansas into Nebraska where moths are now emerging with an eastward expansion into Iowa in the next week, and Low risks also continue across northern Illinois, Wisconsin, southern lower Michigan, northwest Ohio, and also east into southern Ontario, Canada as well as northwest Pennsylvania and New York state. Western bean cutworm trouble areas may be more spotty but locally intense, so growers are urged to monitor traps as well as growth stages in crops and take appropriate action where it appears warranted. Problems in one field may not signify problems in another so local field scouting and checking for egg masses once moth counts increase in the next several weeks will be important.