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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
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Western bean cutworm emergence will continue to expand north and east through the next five days as hot and humid weather has and will continue to result in greater than average heat unit accumulations across much of the corn-growing region. The main focus the next five days will stretch from Nebraska into much of Iowa, northern Missouri, and western Illinois where peak flights are expected to commence or continue to occur. There is evidence that the peak flight axis is now shifting northeast through the High risk area as trap counts are decreasing at some locations in southern Nebraska.

Elsewhere, much of the corn-growing region except for the far northern reaches are at risk of seeing increased moth emergence in the next five days. Moderate risks spread north into southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and also further into Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio by this weekend. Crops are not as far along due to planting delays in the eastern corn-growing region but growers should still monitor for potential moth appearances especially in earlier planted fields.