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Western Bean Cutworm

Risk Level:
Moderate Risk
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Western bean cutworm flights continue to increase especially across portions of Nebraska and also into the Great Lakes region from Wisconsin into northern Indiana, southern lower Michigan, far northwest Ohio, and also into southern Ontario, Canada. The flight appears to be lessening somewhat across northern Kansas and extreme southern Nebraska and also in portions of Indiana but is increasing at locations to the north. Moderate risks continue in the forecast this week across Nebraska and also across a larger portion of Wisconsin and further east into northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, central and southern lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers across all of these geographies should be regularly scouting fields, monitoring traps, and applying insecticide where conditions are warranted. Not all fields will experience problems from this insect, so it will be important to monitor your own fields to assess populations and not rely solely on what the local report or gossip at the local cafe is suggesting as levels are likely to vary from field to field.