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Western Bean Cutworm

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Moderate Risk
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Moderate western bean cutworm risks continue in the forecast this week into next weekend especially across Nebraska and also in the southern Great Lakes region, including northern Indiana, southern lower Michigan, far northwest Ohio, and into southern Ontario, Canada. The annual moth emergence and flight cycle continues, but is beginning to show signs of focusing further to the north as heat unit accumulations continue to add up from south to north. Greatest pressure this week should continue to focus in Nebraska, but the flight does appear to be subsiding a little bit now in deep southern Nebraska. Across the Great Lakes, the flight is expected to continue but with a continued shift/focus further north across northern Indiana and into southern lower Michigan and also east into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers in the risk areas should continue to not only watch traps but scout fields, looking for egg masses and potentially fresh larvae producing damage. Decisions to treat should be made on a field basis as problems appear to be more scattered this year and not necessarily coinciding with some of the same local fields last year that saw high pressure.